LED Wall/Ceiling Mount (W44) NJLSI Industries™ LED Wall/Ceiling Mount (W44)

Retrofit to LED and Start Saving Today!
The LED W44 designed for wall, ceiling or pendant mounting, is a versatile linear choice. The cross-section dimensions allow this efficient luminaire to fit into most architectural spaces conveniently and unobtrusively. With their exceptional long life, the LED light source makes the W44 virtually maintenance free. The versatile W44 LED fixture allows for either wall, ceiling or pendant mounting, giving you convenient options to illuminate your space. It’s made to easily fit into most installation spaces, providing bright, economical light while blending in unobtrusively, and can be conveniently hung in rows due to its single cross-section design. Built for long-life and performance, it’s certified Made in the USA, UL listed, and available in Cool White, Neutral White, and Warm White.

LSI LED Wall/Ceiling Mount (W44) Available in Wayne, NJ

LED Product Highlights:

  • Acrylic diffuser incorporates a well-defined linear prism design
  • Entire series is a singular cross-section, allowing for long row composition
  • Available in 2’, 4’ & 8’ lengths
  • Cool white, neutral white, and warm white color temperatures
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Limited 5-year warranty
LSI LED Wall/Ceiling Mount (W44) fixture for Apartment Buildings, Gas Station & Convenience Store, Industrial & Warehouse, Large Retail & Open Areas, Office & Small Retail