LED Conversion Calculator

Let us assist you in realizing the substantial energy and maintenance savings that can be achieved using LSI Crossover energy efficient LED products in numerous market applications!

It’s simple – LSI’s Multi-Application Crossover Calculator will:

  • Calculate an ROI/Payback between the Crossover system and an alternate system
  • Calculate the Total KWH for each system
  • Calculate and compare the Total Annual Average Energy + Maintenance Costs
  • Calculate the Annual Average Energy & Maintenance Savings
  • Calculate and Chart the Cumulative Savings for up to a 10-year period
  • Calculate and Chart the potential Greenhouse Reduction of Gases and Reduction
  • Equivalent of Passenger Vehicles over a 10-year period


The LSI Multi-Application Crossover LED Conversion Calculator includes a three-page report and reference sheet.

Download the LED Conversion Calculator (.xls spreadsheet)

The Encore LED Conversion Calculator spreadsheet can be opened in Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers or online in Google Docs for free if you don’t have a spreadsheet program.

Input Sheet: Enter the application data for up to (5) fixture types for both the Crossover System and the Alternate System. Using our LED Conversion Calculator, real-time ROI/Payback is calculated and charted as data is entered.

Executive Summary: Energy and maintenance costs are summarized, ROI/Payback is calculated and charted.

Potential Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies are calculated and charted for both pounds and metric tons of CO2.

Reference Sheet: Lamp + ballast input wattages are provided for typical LSI LED, HID and fluorescent configurations along with industry web links to Energy Code & Compliance sites and industry organizations and associations sites.

In order to view and print the information correctly on each sheet you may need to change the magnification and/or re-size the column widths of the LED Conversion Calculator within your spreadsheet program.