LSI LED Area Light (XGBM) NJLSI Industries™ LED Area Light (XGBM)

LSI‘s XGBM LED area light reflects LSI’s commitment to incorporate the most up-to-date technology not only to provide high lumen output, but to do it at the highest efficacy (over 120 LPW) and most competitive price possible. The XGBM delivers bright uniform lighting at lower light levels with essentially no light trespass.

With the top-access housing, the XGBM is easy to install and requires virtually no service. Recognizing the importance in saving energy, the XGBM features a number of energy-control options such as dimming, bi-level switching, integral motion sensor and LSI’s wireless control and information systems to allow you to best manage the light and energy consumption in your parking lot.

The LSI LED Area Light (XGBM)

The XGB3 128 & XGB3 176 Have Been Replaced by the XGBM. Perfect for a 320 or 400 watt metal halide parking lot light replacement, this 143W (350 mA) to 188W (450 mA) LED pole light fixture includes the specifications and quality to light up your parking lot or outdoor area beatifully. Ideal for mounting between 20 and 30 feet, you have the option to choose a natural white 4000K or cool white 5000K Kelvin temperature. This LED parking lot fixture is rated to last over 60,000 hours, includes the option for 0-10 volt dimming, and utilizes LSI’s Smarttec Thermal Control to make sure the components stay as cool as possible, which means they’ll last longer as well. Certifictions including being Made in the USA, having the DLC rating, and being Dark Sky friendly ensure this is an excellent parking lot light fixture. Lighting Performance, Outstanding Uniformity – Exceptional high-brightness LEDs result in both higher light levels and significant energy savings; with cool white and neutral white LED color temperatures.

• XGBM LW replaces up to 400 watt
• XGBM SS replaces up to 750 watt
• XGBM HO replaces up to 1000 watt

LED Product Highlights:

  • Up to 123 lumens per watt; up to 31,810 lumen output
  • Types 3, 5, FT and FTA distribution
  • Three drive currents – Low Watt, Super Saver and High Output
  • Cool white and neutral white color temperatures
  • Top Access – gasketed, tethered top-access cover provides ease of installation
  • Field rotatable optics – generous flexibility in distribution without fixture movement
  • Energy savingscontrol options including dimming, bi-level switching, integral motion sensor and LSI control and information systems
  • Optional Color Decal – color coordinate the fixture to the site by adding color decals
  • Designed to IES Model Lighting Ordinance Standards
  • Minimum 60,000 hours to 100,000 hours expected life depending upon the ambient temperature of the installation location.
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • 5-year warranty
LED Area Light (XGBM) fixtures for Apartment Buildings, Gas Station & Convenience Store, Pole / Street / Parking Lot

Complementary LED Wall Sconce (XGBWM3) available