LED Area Lighting LSI Sterling (XSB) NJLSI Industries™ Area Lighting – LSI Sterling (XSB)

Retrofit to LED and Start Saving Today! LSI’s Sterling LED area light is redefining the way we think about lighting solutions. Highly energy efficient, the Sterling features LSI’s revolutionary Zonal Optics, which deliver the proper balance of efficacy, distribution efficiency and high lumen output to provide evenly distributed illumination – with the fewest possible number of fixtures. The unique angled optical assemblies create four Zonal Optic Platforms purposely positioned to deliver light with precision control for greater uniformity; no uplight and increased distance between pole assemblies. This translates into fewer light assemblies being required; lower installation costs and a quick payback. Further, the Sterling is available with optional integrated wireless control and information system capability to help you best manage your light and energy consumption. This die-cast luminaire ensures functional integrity while claiming its position as a specification-grade luminaire offering dynamic architectural appeal day and night.

LED Area Lighting – LSI Sterling (XSB) Fixture with Revolutionary Zonal Optics

In an industry where the pace of change is approaching the speed of light, new technologies demand new techniques to achieve optimum results, and is why purpose-built innovation such as the LSI Sterling is redefining the way we think about lighting solutions. Specifically designed to take full advantage of LED technology, LSI’s Sterling area light has enabled us to remove all traditional constraints. To provide an opportunity for us to think outside the box. To introduce entirely new angles that are quite different from anything you’ve ever been exposed to before. To truly leverage the science of lighting to deliver a more aesthetic, more impactful, more effective, more economic way to deliver and control light. This LED Parking lot and area light is extremely high quality and highly efficient and perfect for Automotive Dealership lighting. The VHO version uses more wattage to produce over 40,000 lumens, which replaces 1000 watt metal halide HID or high pressure sodium HPS light fixtures. Designed to be mounted between 40 and 50 feet. With a uniquely modern design, multiple dimming options for increased energy savings, a very high expected life of 60,000+ hours and a high lumens per watt rating of 106, we highly recommend this fixture. LSI Industries has been a leader in lighting for decades and continues to show great new quality products including auto dealership lot lighting. Comes in either Cool White 5000K or Natural White 4000K.

LSI Sterling (XSB) – Built to Deliver More Light, More Affordably with Precision Lighting Control

Refracting light through a single, flat glass lens can cause light loss and wasted energy as you attempt to illuminate spaces far away from the light fixture. Light transitioning through glass at high angles results in reflection and loss of efficiency. Until now, there were no alternatives. Today, LED technology and patent-pending innovations, such as LSI’s Zonal Optics, enable us to rethink traditional boundaries, explore new angles to deliver unprecedented light quality, precision light placement, control and significant energy savings for tremendous flexibility in lighting your space. By orienting the multiple independently positioned optic units within the Sterling we avoid the high angle light loss commonly found in a single lens fixture. With LSI’s unique Zonal Optics, precisely angled, side mounted LED optical modules place light exactly where you want it. Each module has a glass lens mounted perpendicular to the LEDs and is angled to produce the widest distribution with the highest efficacy possible. The result? Significantly greater lighting impact; gains in efficacy; reduction in energy consumption coupled with a better, more uniform light distribution.

LED Product Highlights:

  • Built upon LSI’s innovative Crossover LED lighting technology and SmartTec intelligence platform
  • Proprietary LED Zonal Optic Assemblies – generating 12 photometric distributions
  • Up to 106 lumens per watt; over 42,000 lumens
  • Designed to the IES Model Lighting Ordinance Standard (MLO)
  • Energy savings control options including dimming, bi-level switching, integral motion sensor and LSI wireless control and information systems
  • Available with 5 distribution patterns
    • Type 5X – Symmetric Square Extended Wide
    • Type 5 – Symmetric Square Wide
    • Type FTX – Forward Throw Extended Wide
    • Type FTAX – Automotive Forward Throw Extended Wide (Automotive Dealership Front Row)
    • Type AIX – Automotive Interior Wide
  • 5000 K Color Temperature Standard – complies with DLC standard
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • 5-year warranty
LED Area Lighting – LSI Sterling (XSB) fixture for Apartment Buildings, Gas Station & Convenience Store, Pole / Street / Parking Lot