LED Canopy Lighting – Scottsdale Legacy (CRUS SCDL) NJLSI Industries™ LED Legacy Scottsdale Canopy Lighting (CRUS SCDL)

LSI’s Scottsdale Legacy LED canopy lighting solution features high-performance LED optics and the Scottsdale prismatic glass drop lens to deliver a crisp white light and better long-range visibility and impact both day and night. Like the Legacy LED canopy fixture, the Scottsdale Legacy is – Purpose Built • Performance Driven • Stunningly Attractive

The LSI LED Legacy™ Scottsdale Canopy Lighting Fixture

The super sleek, razor thin Legacy is designed to replace that Scottsdale you love…quickly, easily and more cost-effectively than any other. Beyond mere beauty, the Legacy will also deliver the highest lumens per dollar and provide the greatest degree of flexibility to light your site. Day or night the Legacy is attractive in all dimensions! The Legacy Canopy LED Light Fixture is made for easy installation and will give you years of high performance, low cost lighting. It features a very slim profile, ensuring that it will not detract from merchandise or advertising, plus it offers excellent light distribution. Built for durability and performance, it’s rated for a minimum of 60,000 hours of life, certified Made in the USA, UL listed, RoHS compliant, and IP67 rated. Available in 2 lens choices, 2 sizes, and multiple mounting options under (CRUS SCDL), (CRUSK UNV SCDL), (CRUSK REC SCDL), (CRUS SM SCDL). If you thought upgrading or retrofitting to the Scottsdale® was quick and easy… you’ll love our Legacy™ Universal Superkit or Recessed Superkit. If you thought upgrading or retrofitting to the Scottsdale® was quick and easy… you’ll love our Legacy™!

LED Product Highlights:

Purpose Built – Dropped Glass
  • Designed to Replace the LSI Scottsdale – installs quickly into existing 4” hole without extra cutting, drilling or caulking
  • CRUS SCDL is available in 1 size of 15 15/16” x 15 15/16” with a range of 9,379 – 13,084 lumens.
  • One-person Installation — fastest, easiest installation in the marketplace
  • High Performance, Low Cost – most cost-effective LED canopy fixture in the marketplace
  • Single or Double Deck Canopies with Dry Plenums
Performance Driven
  • Highest Lumen Per Dollar – tremendous flexibility in how you light your site
  • Choice of Lumen Packages – up to over 13,000 lumens
  • Better Light Distribution – more illumination on your dispensers
  • Designed for utility and/or DLC approval and rebate participation
Stunningly Attractive – day and night!
  • Prismatic glass lens – bright, white light with diamond-like precision
  • Excellent long-range visibility – day and night
LED Legacy™ Scottsdale Canopy Lighting (CRUS SCDL) lighting for Gas Stations & Convenience Stores