LSI LED Canopy Lighting (CRO3 Focus) NJLSI Industries™ LED Canopy Lighting (CRO3 Focus)

LSI’s Generation 3 Focus fixture is designed to deliver precise beam placement for optimal illumination of vertical surfaces. With its slim 2” profile and ultra-high efficient optics, the Focus is an ideal complement for LSI LED ambient under canopy lighting. LSI LED Generation 3 (CRO3) canopy lighting for both new construction and retrofit applications is designed to provide the absolute best New LED lighting fixture solution at the most affordable cost. LSI’s proprietary SmartTec™ technology is featured in every Generation 3 canopy fixture, providing reliable and constantly superior performance over the life of the fixture. Multiple optics and drive currents allow you to create the best possible lighting for your specific canopy application. 4 distribution patterns + 5 LED diode packages + 3 drive currents gives you 31 choices to meet your specific requirements.

LSI LED Canopy Lighting (CRO3 Focus) for sale in NJ

LSI’s Scottsdale revolutionized petroleum canopy lighting by introducing brilliant illumination, easy installation and significant energy savings. LSI’s Generation 3 LED canopy fixtures that that to an entirely new level. The Gen 3 fixture are designed and manufactured to provide the absolute best LED lighting solution at the most affordable cost.

All Crossover® Gen 3 canopy fixtures feature LSI’s proprietary SmartTec technology – the intelligence platform built into every Gen 3 fixture. With SmartTec you can be assured that Gen 3 fixtures will provide reliable and constantly superior performance over the life of the product.

Gen 3 solutions are available for new construction as well as 2×2 or recessed retrofits.

LED Product Highlights:

  • Built with LSI’s Crossover LED technology
  • 30 high-brightness LEDs, 5000K, 70 CRI (nominal)
  • Durable die-formed aluminum housing with independently adjustable extruded aluminum light cartridges. Each light cartridge has a glass lens to provide a water-tight seal.
  • 3 banks (cartridges) of LEDs independently adjustable between +/-45% allowing targeted zone illumination — Regardless of light cartridge position luminaire provides cutoff
  • Available for new construction and 2 x 2 or recessed retrofits
  • Input voltage of 120V thru 277V is standard
Gen 3 Canopy Fixtures for Gas Stations & Convenience Stores