LED Area Lights – LSI AeroMaxTM (XASU-XAMU) NJLSI Industries™ LED Area Lights – LSI AeroMax (XASU/XAMU)

Technology advances make LSI’s AeroMax LED area light a perfect parking lot lighting solution. With a choice of two fixture sizes, reflectors and drive currents, the AeroMax delivers bright, uniform lighting at lower light levels with essentially no light trespass. The sleek, 1-piece housing ensures the optical unit and internal components are protected from any contaminants. In addition to complementing essentially any architectural building design, the low profile fixture means very low EPAs for the use of lighter gauge poles. Recognizing the importance in saving energy, the AeroMax features a number of energy-control options such as dimming, bi-level switching, integral motion sensor and LSI Virticus wireless control and information systems. These allow you to best control your parking lot lighting by adjusting light levels to the parking lot’s use.

The LSI AeroMax™ Area Lights – Retrofit to LED and Start Saving Today!

The LSI Aeromax is perfect for a 150, 175, or 250 watt metal halide parking lot light replacement, this 69 – 89 watt (choose SS or HO in ordering) LED small pole light fixture includes the specifications and quality to light up your parking lot or outdoor area beatifully. Ideal for mounting between 15 and 20 feet, it includes a natural white 5000 Kelvin pure white color temperature. This LED parking lot fixture is rated to last over 60,000 hours, includes the option for 0-10 volt dimming, and utilizes LSI’s Smarttec Thermal Control to make sure the components stay as cool as possible, which means they’ll last longer as well. Certifictions including being Made in the USA, having the DLC rating, and being Dark Sky friendly ensure this is an excellent parking lot light fixture. Comes in either cool white 5000K or natural white 4000K.

LED Product Highlights:

  • Built with LSI’s own SmartTec™ intelligence
  • Two sizes and multiple distributions (Types 3, FT and 5)
  • Designed to IES Model Lighting Ordinance Standards
  • Super Saver (SS) and High Output (HO) drive currents
  • Cool white and neutral white color temperatures
  • Energy savings control options including dimming, bi-level switching, integral motion sensor and LSI Virticus wireless control and information systems
  • Features unique “breathable” IP67 rated optical system
  • One-piece housing ensures protection from rain and contaminants
  • Two-stage surge protection (including separate surge protection built into electronic driver) meets IEEE C62.41.2-2002, Location Category C
  • Minimum 60,000 hours to 100,000 hours expected life depending upon the ambient temperature of the installation location.
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • 5-year warranty
LED Area Lighting for Apartment Buildings, Gas Station & Convenience Store, Pole / Street / Parking Lot

Designed and built around LSI’s own Crossover LED Lighting Technology and SmartTec intelligence platforms, our LED solutions are second to none. The XAMU and XASU contain intelligent components designed, engineered and manufactured by LSI specifically to work in unison to deliver the most efficient and reliable lighting solution possible. SmartTec ensures optimum fixture performance, energy efficiency, delivered lumens per watt, longevity and an impressive ROI. Innovative driver design ensures the highest attainable levels of energy efficiency.