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LED lighting for Business by LSI Industries™, Made in America

With a full offering of LED lighting for business Indoor and outdoor lighting products in NJ from LSI Industries™, design support and unmatched customer service, Encore LED is dedicated to meeting the product and service needs of the contractor, distributor and lighting design community. We provide the most complete offering of technologically advanced, high quality and premium value products in the LED lighting for business industry today throughout NY, NJ and CT. We use our LED lighting expertise to strive for and achieve energy-efficient, high-quality solutions that will provide our customers with the highest value for their investments. Retail is all about image and LSI understands that… Lighting and graphics are key tools to help you create an exciting customer experience, drive business, merchandise and identify your products or brand. We offer high-performance, energy-efficient lighting and custom graphic solutions for interior, exterior or fleet applications projects on a national scale. Further, with LSI you can expect unparalleled service to assist in the design, implementation and management of your program.

Retail Store LED Lighting Solutions

Today, retail store success in the tri-state area relies on creating a comfortable, relaxing environment in which clients can enjoy browsing your inventory and finding the items that speak to them. A remarkable shopping experience will sway them to stick around longer and help them to feel excited with your brand. The longer your customers spend in your NJ store, the more likely they’ll buy.

retail store led lighting energy savings ct

Lighting provides the special ambiance that makes your New Jersey store unique. It brings out the best in your merchandise, creates the mood that makes your staff and customers feel good and enhances your whole brand experience. Encore LED in Wayne NJ can help you to make your store a more desirable destination, attracting shoppers in store, engaging them with lighting solutions and enhancing sales with the power of LED lighting for business. Give us a call or come in and visit our showroom to explore the well-known LSI Industries™ LED options for your local store, even if located in NY or PA. Dynamic LED lighting for business has the ability to attract customers. It can give your New Jersey store genuine curb appeal with people recognizing your exterior, making beautiful window displays and bringing your brand to life. Encore LED lights can help your advertising activities/POS promotional displays and run them efficiently. At the touch of a button you can change your entire NY or CT store environment. Once inside, a comfortable, exciting vibe will make visitors delight in the experience and stay longer. Lighting controls are the ideal approach to set the right lighting inclination so you can sway your clients to feel relaxing and browse for longer throughout your store.

Save money and run a greener business at the same time

In retail stores, 50% of the energy bill is lighting related, 70% of which is not efficient. Investing in Encore LED lighting for business is one of the easiest ways to cut costs and impact. So we carry a full range of LSI Industries™ LED lighting solutions that are socially responsible, technologically advanced and pleasing to the eye. Helping you to sustain your company and the environment without compromising on the quality of light.

Feel safe outside your retail location or office and throughout an office building complex

LED lighting retrofit parking garages nj
Outdoors including the store front, walkway and parking area, the best lighting conditions are accomplished by using LED lights, LED installations and the right controls. White light assumes a essential part in making employees and clients feel safe after the sun goes down. It seems brighter and has better color rendering which make it less difficult to recognize your surroundings, colors, shapes and other individuals. Motion detection enhances the feeling of safety, while darkening the lights when nobody is around, turning the lights on when someone walks towards the store or office, then darkening them again without anyone noticing. Encore LED in NJ offers solutions that execute this in tandem with the best client experience and a general feeling of safety.

Offices and Building Complexes Shine with LED Lighting for Business

Light has a profound effect on how we feel and plays a vital role in creating a healthy NJ workplace. Daylight controls our natural bio-rhythms, influences our mood and creates a sense of well-being. But daylight alone is not sufficient in most New Jersey offices, artificial light is also needed to produce the right light levels. Inadequate lighting affects employees’ well-being and can also result in eye strain, fatigue and poor performance, particularly in roles involving problem solving and concentration, which can be a major cause for concern for your clients. Our LSI Industries™ LED lighting for business solutions can help people stay connected with the world outside the office walls, boosting vitality and improving performance. We have made multiple LED lighting designs suggestions for each typical office space, and have clients throughout NJ, NY, CT and Pennsylvania.

Encore LED can also install lighting controls that add flexibility to all areas and maximize savings by employing a lighting management strategy for tri-state area offices. Create ambiance and color scenes to stimulate mood, reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions and increase comfort for staff – all through the power of controls.

encore-led-lighting-restaurants-bars-njImpactful Solutions for Your LED Lighting for Business Needs

Encore LED product’s technology holds immense potential to conserve energy in any business application or retail shop. The LED lights and fixtures we carry set new standards in watts consumed per square yard, particularly when joined with the right lighting controls. LED’s likewise eliminate the inclusion of hazardous substances and due to the fact that they are intended to last up to 3 times longer, they significantly increase savings in regards to upkeep. Because of their low heat yield, the building needs less cooling, which simply saves money. LED lights can be incorporated into an existing assemble or retrofitted easily. Lighting systems that use LED sources are smart for business and retail stores in various other ways too: longer lifespan, fewer replacement needs, less waste – and they’re free from dangerous mercury. A rather easy switch that creates superb savings and is safer for everyone around them.

open floor plan office led lighting njOpen Plan Offices Promote Team Work and LED Lighting Enhances It

Open plan offices in New Jersey are dynamic spaces where people need to carry out a wide variety of different tasks. LED lighting can create an positive mood by joining practical lighting with inspiring light that promotes creative thinking. Include unique LED controls and the light can be customized at every work station. So whatever your staff is working on, business is a delight. As new methods for working get to be more natural, so ought to our office space. Great LED lighting for business from Encore LED in Fairfield NJ that is tailored to individual tasks, in specific areas of the office, help staff to work all the more energized throughout the day. Our solutions shine with amazing visual appeal, glare control and color consistency, to make the most comfortable office ambiance. What’s more, when individuals feel better, they work better as well. LSI Industries™ LED solutions join together a aesthetically striking appearance with a quality of light that maintains all office standards. Include smart controls for employee detection or daylight dimming, to give flexibility whilst maintaining comfort for any office space. All in the meantime while saving up to 75% in energy so your business can feel better about it’s effect on the planet.

Encore LED has the expertise to find the energy saving lighting plan for your business needs, such as:
  • Office Spaces
  • Parking Lots
  • Parking Garages
  • Retail Store Locations
  • Auto Dealerships
  • Shopping Malls
  • Restaurants, Night Clubs

Encore LED of Fairfield, NJ offers interior and exterior Commercial, Retail, Municipal, and Industrial LED lighting upgrade solutions, to include new construction or retrofits for your outdated fluorescent, metal halide, high pressure sodium, mercury vapor, or HID fixtures. We perform an free energy audit, then design a solution, and give you a complete price estimate of the products and labor. We will calculate your projected savings and rebates (if applicable), return-on-investment (ROI), provide a time until break-even with cost vs monthly energy savings, and deliver a complete detailed proposal. Using leading edge energy saving LED lighting for business products from US based manufacturer LSI Industries™, we provide solutions for interior and exterior lighting applications. Your lighting project pays for itself through reduced energy costs and many available government rebates which we will help you with.

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