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LED Lighting for Landscape Architecture, Made in America

For over 35 years, contractors, lighting consultants and landscape architects have used LSI Greenlee® Lighting luminaires to light and transform their structures and landscapes from the mundane to the majestic. With a broad offering of high quality fixtures with high performance optics, shields, and color filters you will find a variety of solutions that yield high performance and low cost of ownership throughout the life of your project. From office buildings and lifestyle retail centers, to gated community entrances, country clubs, theme parks and museums, to statues, sculptures and monuments — LSI Greenlee LED landscape lighting products light the way. With LSI Greenlee Lighting luminaires you can be confident that each of these products will allow you to build a lighting system that will add beauty, safety and security to your projects and help you create the desired image.
Today’s consumers demand products that are energy-efficient and that will stand the test of time. With LSI Industries American-made LED technology you get beautiful, sustainable lighting solutions that utilize energy efficiently and responsibly.

Key features of products carried by Encore LED:
  • Remarkable energy efficiency – Up to 70% reduction in energy use vs. Traditional incandescent.
  • Easy on your client’s wallet – and the planet.
  • Eye-appealing light – Warmer, brighter light that aims precisely without glare.
  • Professional-grade – Fixtures that are affordable for any project and that stand up to the rigors of outdoor environments.
  • Quality, designed and built in America – No shortcuts or seconds. Top-tier materials, lenses, electronics. Backed by an outstanding warranty.
  • The broadest selection – Of fixture styles for every application. Accent, path, hardscape, In-ground, underwater, specialty and more.
  • Fully customizable – Fixtures are finished with LSI’s DuraGrip polyester powder coat finishing process that withstands extreme weather changes. Standard colors include bronze, black,platinum plus, graphite, satin verde green, metallic silver and white.

landscape led lighting green energy gorgeous njLED Landscape Lighting offers great improvement and flexibility over halogen lighting

From the retail shopper’s vantage point, LED landscape lighting has made little if any advancement. LED landscape lighting is regularly just made accessible to shoppers through big box retail stores. Solar powered landscape lighting is the thing that individuals ordinarily think of in the matter of buyer LED open air lighting. Consumers think lighting is weak and simply not strong enough to be of any value and light quality (temperature) is completely unnatural. However, this line of thinking is entirely wrong when it comes to professional grade LED landscape lighting fixtures. LED, thanks to big advancements in green technology over the past several years, has certainly improved and has now climbed to the top of the mountain when it comes to many professional lighting applications and installations.

Professional LED LSI Industries LED landscape lighting from Encore LED is indistinguishable from high quality halogen fixtures. In addition, many standard halogen fixtures can be converted over to LED, so please inquire with us about retro-fitting. There is a professional Encore LED retrofit equivalent for almost every halogen outdoor fixture; making it easy to convert existing systems without undergoing a landscape lighting redesign.

LSI Industries LED landscape lighting has a genuine advantage over halogen landscape lighting in “flexibility”. With LED landscape lighting you not only reduce the necessary power needed to produce a given lighting effect but you can be more creative when designing your landscape lighting layout plan. Voltage drop issues that usually plague halogen lighting designs are no longer an issue with LED landscape lighting. Halogen landscape lighting fixtures on the same “run” must all be equidistant from the transformer for consistency sake; but Encore LED fixtures can all be daisy chained. This arrangement will surely save both time and a ton of money.
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