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LSI Industries™ Automotive LED Lighting

With a full line of LSI Industries™ LED Indoor and outdoor lighting products for automotive-related businesses, design support and unmatched customer service, Encore LED is dedicated to meeting the product and service needs of the contractor, distributor and lighting design community. We use our LED expertise to strive for and achieve energy-efficient, high-quality solutions that will provide our automotive customers in NJ, NY and Connecticut with the highest value for their investments. We provide the most complete offering of technologically advanced, made in America, high quality and premium value products for auto dealers, gas stations and parking garages in the LED lighting industry today.

Automotive Dealerships

LSI has been recognized as the leader in automotive lighting for almost 35 years, spearheading the development of a wide range of innovative fixtures and Automotive LED Lighting technology for both interior and exterior applications. Today, we also offer dynamic custom graphic solutions to enhance your marketing and merchandise efforts. With a focus on performance and energy efficiency, you can count on LSI to provide lighting and graphics elements that utilize the most sophisticated lighting intelligence and materials. Beyond the product, LSI is committed to providing our customers with unparalleled support in program design, management and field support. We can create a great Automotive LED Lighting solution for your used or new car dealership in NJ, NY, CT or PA.

Gas Stations

Gas Stations Convenience Store save energy LED lights

Your gas station serves as many things for drivers in the NY tri-state area. A fuel station, a rest stop, a convenience shop, a food store and more. An inviting sight for drivers that need fuel, a refreshment stop for weary explorers, and a safe spot to draw up and park. The right lighting from Encore LED in New Jersey can sway them to visit all the more regularly. Great Automotive LED Lighting doesn’t simply light up the route for individuals on the move. It has the ability to make your brand shimmer, urging drivers to enjoy a break from their voyage to fill up the tank or purchase refreshments. Additionally, the more secure and inviting you can make your station look, the more customers you will attract. Encore LED solutions bring out the best in your gas station without sacrificing energy efficiency.

LSI has been the indisputable leader in providing innovative lighting and graphic solutions to the retail petroleum/c-store & petroleum fleet market for almost 35 years. We’ve pioneered the development of leading-edge product innovations (like the Scottsdale® and Crossover® canopy fixtures), design technologies and pre-and post-sales support services to best serve you. As a fully integrated image solutions company, we are dedicated to advancing technology to give you energy-efficient, high-performance lighting and graphic solutions for both indoor and outdoor applications. From Crossover LED canopy lighting to LED illuminated graphics, interior lighting, graphic displays or full fleet identification, LSI can provide the elements you need to light, merchandise, identify and draw customers to your site.

Choose green Automotive LED Lighting for your gas station and convenience store and save!

With a showroom in Wayne NJ, Encore LED Lighting can help you to enhance your lighting and reduce your energy bill. We can provide a complete, free lighting review and then furnish you with a complete retrofit LED lighting plan for your gas station; a turnkey installation will use the most energy-efficient solutions to streamline your lighting and maximize your business’ savings. Indeed, by moving to Automotive LED Lighting and utilizing imaginative Encore LED solutions that switch lights on just when required, you could see energy savings of up to 85%. Take control of your New York gas station expenses with our LSI Industries™ LED solutions that don’t simply offer lower energy consumption. They additionally allow you to have ongoing savings on maintenance costs throughout their long lifetime. They work more intelligently as well. For instance, you can streamline the installation and maintenance of canopy and covered lighting with smart solutions that the knowledgeable Encore sales team can tell you about. Visit our showroom today on Route 46 in Wayne, New Jersey.

convenience store save energy reduce cost led lights njMake your convenience store products more appealing to shoppers

Encore LED lighting solutions can additionally improve your convenience store, giving it extra appeal and putting clients in the shopping mood. First impressions count, so it pays to make your store look attractive from the outside. Once inside, the right atmosphere will welcome individuals to browse the displays and aisles and shows and encourage impulse buys. The effect? Customers enjoy a nice shopping experience and with Automotive LED Lighting you make easy work of sales.

Your convenience store is as important a source of your total business income as your gas sales. We have the experience and ability to advise you on creating an attractive store environment. One that will make an enjoyable experience to urge individuals to stay longer and spend more. We realize that light impacts shopping habits. Research has demonstrated, that even the decision of light temperature has an definite effect on to what extent individuals stay in your store. Lighting additionally assumes a important part in showing your products. By directing your clients to precisely the areas you need them to see, you can encourage the impulse purchase of high-margin products. So LED light can boost profits too.

Encore LED has the expertise to find the energy saving lighting plan for your automotive related business, such as:

  • Auto Dealerships
  • Parking Garages
  • Parking Lots
  • Gas Station Canopies
  • Gas Station Convenience Stores
  • Car Washes

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