XFLM LED Flood Light Medium NJLSI Industries™ LSI XFLM LED Flood Light Medium

The new XFLM is the ideal floodlighting solution for a wide range of outdoor architectural applications. Stunningly good looks, durable construction and outstanding performance are the benchmarks of the XFLM Series. Its architecturally soft-sculptured lines delivers the attention to details required to properly accentuate your project. The tough, long lasting construction of its die-cast aluminum housing ensures it will stand-up under the toughest elements. Interchangeable LED optical panels provide a choice of distributions which are sure to meet your needs. When you need a floodlight that can look good as well as perform, look no further than LSI’s XFLM Series Floodlight. Its sleek, stylish design blends in with any architectural project, while the durable construction means it will last for years under the most demanding weather conditions. With an equivalent light output of a 100 W metal halide fixture, it’s rated to last over 60,000 hours. It is certified Made in the USA and is RoHS compliant, and is available in Cool White, Neutral White, and Warm White.

The LSI XFLM LED Flood Light Medium

For Flag Lighting – U.S. flags must be illuminated when flown at night. Visibility is dependent on the relative positions of the XFLM luminaire, flag, and viewer, as well as on ambient light levels and contrast ratios with respect to other objects in the field of view. These rules of thumb should result in a satisfactory
installation, regardless of the many variables involved.

LED Product Highlights:

  • Choice of multiple high-lumen output LED packages
  • Optimized beam control
  • External aiming adjustability
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Superior thermal management
  • Minimum 60,000 hours to 100,000 hours expected life
  • 5-year warranty
LSI XFLM LED Flood Light Medium fixture for Apartment Buildings, Gas Station & Convenience Store, Home & Architectural, Landscape & Flood