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At Encore LED, we know that in today’s competitive world, everyone is concerned about saving energy, so we provide you with the right LED Tools.

As we all know, reducing energy is key to controlling costs as well as reducing greenhouse gases. At Encore LED we carry LSI Industries’ line and we know you don’t need another product – you need a total solution. With Encore LED in Wayne NJ, no project has a “cookie-cutter” answer. With each project, we explore the most efficient technology for the specific requirement, striving for a code compliant answer that reduces operation costs, improves operation functionality and saves energy. From innovative fixture designs to lighting system layouts, LSI Industries’ line sold by Encore LED provides you with the best performance with the most efficient energy usage. Use our LED Tools to research your energy usages, possible LED energy savings and available government rebates available in NJ, NY, CT, PA and any other state.

LED Industry Resource Links

Code & Compliance Sites

Name Description Web Address
ASHRAE American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers www.ashrae.org/
LEED Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System™ www.usgbc.org/
ICC International Code Council www.iccsafe.org/
US Dept of Energy Information regarding energy usage and environmental responsibility www.energy.gov/
Title 24 California Energy Commission 2005 Building Efficiency Standards www.energy.ca.gov
BCAP Building Codes Assistance Project bcap-energy.org/
IECC International Energy Conservation Code www.iccsafe.org

Organizations & Associations

Name Description Web Address
DSIRE Database of Stat Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency www.dsireusa.org/
IDA International Dark Sky Association www.darksky.org/
IES Illuminating Engineering Society www.ies.org/
NAILD National Association of Independent Lighting Distributors www.naild.org/
NALMCO National Association of Lighting www.nalmco.org/
NECA National Electrical Contractors www.necanet.org/
NGLIA The Next Generation Lighting Industry www.nglia.org/
Building Energy Codes U.S. Department of Energy www.energycodes.gov/
Design Light Consortium Commercial Lighting and Design www.designlights.org/