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LSI Industries™ Commercial LED Lighting

With a full offering of LSI Industries™ LED Indoor and outdoor lighting products, design support and unmatched customer service, Encore LED is dedicated to meeting the product and service needs of the contractor, distributor and lighting design community. We provide the most complete offering of technologically advanced, made in America, high quality and premium value products in the LED lighting industry today. We use our LED expertise to strive for and achieve energy-efficient, high-quality solutions that will provide our customers in NJ, NY and Connecticut with the highest value for their investments.

Hospitality LED lighting

Lighting energizes us, makes us comfortable and lets us revel in communicating with others. Encore LED gives adaptable lighting solutions that enable guests to customize their spaces, modify environments to their moods or based on current activities and creates a special experience at the touch of a button. Whether they’re working, reading or relaxing, we can help your New Jersey visitors feel like they have a home away from home. We can help you make the switch to Commercial LED Lighting simpler than you could imagine, upgrading the ambiance and experience in your hotel, bar or restaurant with the power of Encore LED light.

energy efficient led lights hospitality njRestaurants, Hotels & Spas benefit greatly from LED lighting

The hospitality industry is one of the areas of NJ business with the biggest energy savings potential. Climate control, laundry, 24/7 operations – all add to a high Co2 footprint. Lighting is a standout amongst the best approaches to cut expenses; 42% of energy costs derive from lighting, of which 70% is wasteful. Encore LED in northern NJ offers a complete line of efficient Commercial LED lighting solutions that will help you spare expenses and improve your bottom line without trading off on the quality of light.


When done right, lighting energizes us, makes us feel comfortable and allows us to enjoy interacting with others. Encore LED provides flexible lighting solutions that make customers in NJ, NY or PA feel comfortable and help them to make the right buying decisions. At the same time they save energy, increase store revenue and reduce the environmental footprint. We can help you to make the right lighting choices and make the switch to LED easier than you could possibly imagine, enhancing life in your supermarket with the power of light.

led lighting food store save energy costs nyInspiring customers to shop in your store for comfort and ambiance

Creating the right in-store feeling can make clients feel comfortable and improve the shopping experience. Our Commercial LED Lighting solutions are intended to bring out the best appearance of all of your products. Encore LED solutions are suitable for each NJ grocery store application. They offer attractive opportunities to motivate clients to buy and try new products and in upgrading the overall store vibe. We also have numerous great ways to retrofit your existing installation with energy-efficient LED lights and reduce lighting maintenance costs all around.

Encore’s smart lighting controls take general store lighting to an entirely new level. You can set the right scene in every department to improve presentation, save valuable energy by utilizing less light when there is more regular sunlight, or use brilliant controls with consideration for time of day and the amount of light needed. An incredible approach to control costs without trading off the client experience.

What about the outside of your store or commercial space?

Parking lot led lights grocery store nj
In outdoor areas, including the store front, sidewalk and parking lot, the best lighting effects are attained by utilizing Commercial LED Lighting, LED fixtures and the right controls. White light plays a vital role in making people feel safe after dark. Its higher perceived brightness and better color rendering make it simpler to identify recognize objects, colors, shapes and other people. Motion detection enhances the feeling of safety, while darkening the lights when nobody is around, turning lights on when somebody strolls towards the store, then dimming them again without anybody realizing. Encore LED in NJ offers solutions that accomplish this in combo with the best customer experience and safety.

Utilizing dynamic LED displays outside your New York supermarket is a fantastic way to pull in potential customers, highlight your store and reinforce your brand. Our lighted display solutions are adaptable in shape and content, getting your message across depending on the occasion or season. Along these lines, clients keep returning being pulled in by lit promotions as they are visible from quite a distance.

Meaningful solutions to your commercial lighting needs

Encore LED product’s technology holds tremendous potential to conserve energy in any commercial application. The Commercial LED Lighting and fixtures we carry set new standards in watts consumed per square yard, particularly when joined with the right lighting controls. LEDs likewise eliminate the inclusion of hazardous substances and due to the fact that they are intended to last up to three times longer, they significantly increase savings in regards to upkeep. Because of their low heat yield, the building needs less cooling, which simply saves money. LED lights can be incorporated into an existing assemble or retrofitted easily. LSI Industries™ LED lighting systems that use LED sources are smart in various other ways too: longer lifespan, fewer replacement needs, less waste – and they’re free from dangerous mercury. A rather easy switch that creates superb savings and is safer for everyone around them.

Encore LED has the expertise to find the energy saving lighting plan for your commercial business, such as:

  • Retail Operations
  • Hotels
  • Parking Lots
  • Street Lighting
  • Restaurants, Bars & Lounges
  • Grocery Stores including Cooler/Freezer Case Lighting

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We offer interior and exterior Commercial, Retail, Municipal, Institutional and Industrial LED lighting upgrade solutions in northern NJ, to include new construction or retrofits for your outdated fluorescent, metal halide, high pressure sodium, mercury vapor, or HID fixtures. We perform an free energy audit, then design a solution, and give you a complete price estimate of the products and labor even if you’re located in New York or Connecticut. We will calculate your projected savings and rebates (if applicable), return-on-investment (ROI), provide a time until break-even with cost vs monthly energy savings, and deliver a complete detailed proposal. Using leading edge energy saving LED products from US based manufacturer LSI Industries™, we provide solutions for interior and exterior lighting applications. Your NJ LED lighting project pays for itself through reduced energy costs and many available government rebates which we will help you with.