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We sell LSI Industries™ Industrial LED Lighting, Made in the USA

Lighting is a critical element in any NJ manufacturing or NY warehouse facility. We carry a broad LSI Industries™ line of high-performance, energy-efficient Industrial LED Lighting products to light your site. These fixtures are designed and built to endure the rigors of these environments while delivering excellent, uniform lighting. You can count on Encore LED for expert installation of LSI products that are virtually maintenance-free. Backed by pre and post sales service, layout assistance and our commitment to quality, LSI lighting solutions from Encore LED of Wayne NJ are a great investment. Our Industrial LED Lighting solutions focus on the 3 things that should matter most to your business – increasing energy efficiency, improving productivity and providing a safer production process.

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Lighting does much more than simply illuminate and show the way. It enhances form and function, improves security and safety and creates bright spaces that can adapt to the task at hand. In these stressing times of rising energy costs and legislation targeting wastefulness it can likewise help North Jersey organizations to attain the sustainability objectives that convey corporate obligation and responsibility. We trust in American made energy-efficient LED lighting solutions for industries that lessen ecological impact and save on expenses, in the meantime as expanding on quality and benefit. Install-and-forget solutions that respect all significant lighting standards and can even enhance them.

save energy led lighting save money njSave energy and you save on cost.

Alternative energy setups are now decreasing the effect that industry has on the planet. However to make true strides in sustainability, industrial LED lighting solutions that supplement those natural sources of energy are needed. With our abundance of experience in sustainable products in northern NJ, we can install solutions that meet your ecological, budget and business necessities. Green working environments aren’t only healthier for individuals and the planet, with savings of up to 70%, they bring about a significant improvement in a business’ bottom line.

Employees who see clearly, work more efficiently.

By working with specialists throughout the tri-state area we also have a finer understanding of how light influences the performance of employees in production settings. These experiences have allowed us to create industrial LED lighting solutions that make safer, more efficient facilities and decrease eye strain by giving the right level of light. When individuals see clearer, they can work better.
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Reliability means your people will be safe and your production will uninterrupted.

When other lighting solutions start to fail, our long-lasting Encore LED and LSI Industries™ products keep on going. They maintain their brightness until the end of their life, radically diminishing upkeep costs. No reason to interfere with daily production or mechanical production systems for untimely failures. Our solutions permit you to extend your maintenance cycles and plan well in advance for replacements. Indeed our Industrial LED Lighting solutions have such a dependable and foreseeable lifespan, you will not be caught off guard again. As you’d anticipate from Encore LED, the greater part of our industrial LED lighting solutions regard all the usual standards needed for every application area, providing safe and comfortable working environments, factories and warehouses for all throughout New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.

Safer for your facilities and your staff.

Encore LED of Wayne, NJ is constantly looking for products to improve the safety of the type of businesses and industries we serve. When it comes to looking after your people, we’re just as careful. We’ll tailor our Industrial LED Lighting solutions to optimize light levels according to each task area. So you can make sure that your staff has the right light levels to work effectively and safely. Our solutions respect all relevant norms and with easy installation they’re safer for maintenance staff too.

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